Lesson Plans
Westbrook 4th Grade 1st Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/23/2006 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
Math- spiral review problem of the day 2-8, rocket math Choose a method page 86-87
Reading- your best friend page 194-195 text structure wb. 71 vocab. 72
Spelling- page 29-30
Multiage- Simple machines
Grammar-DOL page 25-26
Guided Reading
Handwriting- xT
Math- spiral review problem of the day 2-9, rocket math look for a pattern pg. 90-91
Reading- homographs read pages 197-209 answer questions
Spelling- page 31-32
Multiage- Simple machines
Grammar-DOL oage 27-28 nouns
nursing home
Handwriting- v
Intergration Day
Terrific kids
Math- spiral review problem of the day 2-10, rocket math Translating words to expressions page 94-95
Reading- review story take selection test, Fact and Opinion page 77, compund words p. 78 Onomatopoeia
Spelling- sentences
Multiage- Simple machines
Grammar-DOL nouns page 29-30
Handwriting- AS
Math- spiral review problem of the day 2-11, rocket math matching words and number expresssions page 96-7
Reading- Onomatopoeia Chart Table 79-80
Spelling- Test Daily Spelling Pass out next weeks words and write in cursive
Multiage- Simple machines
Grammar-DOL proper nouns page 31-32
Guided Reading
Handwriting- O