Lesson Plans
Westbrook 4th Grade 3rd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/29/2007 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
Jumprope for heart
Math- SR Problem of the day 5-10, rocket math, multiplying 3 factors
Reading- Comparing adjectives summarizing wb. 181, vocab
Health- page 44 1-24
Multiage- Ecosystems
Spelling- page 71 in abc order-72
Guided Reading
Handwriting- 30
Math- SR Problem of the day 5-11, rocket math, choose an operation
Reading- Comparing adjectives liste to The Disguise antonyms
Health- page 49-55
Multiage- Ecosystems
Spelling- page 73-74
Nursing Home
Handwriting- 31-32
Math- SR Problem of the day 5-12, rocket math problem solving
Reading- Comparing adjectives read to a partner and answer questions
Social page 68-73
Multiage- Ecosystems
Spelling- sentences
Handwriting- 33
Weekly reader
Math- rocket math Chapter 5 test
Reading- Comparing adjectives selections test wb. 185-186, predicting wb. 187
Social- wb. 28
Multiage- Ecosystems
Spelling- crossword
Guided Reading
Handwriting- 34-35
Math- SR Problem of the day 6-1, rocket math multiplying tens 314-315
Reading- Comparing adjectives, suffixes, wb. 188 abc order 189-190

Multiage- Ecosystems
Spelling- test, daily spelling, next weeks words in cursive
Fun time
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