Lesson Plans
Westbrook 4th Grade 4th Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/26/2004 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
English: DOL, Flip Chart, Proper Nouns and Adjectives TE pg.647g Grammar Book pg.131
Spellling: Capitalization-TE Pg. 647j-Write words to take home-Workbook pg.105
Reading: Skill Lesson-Steps in a process TE Pgs.630-631-Practice Book pg. 261- Vocabulary-TE pg.632b-Practice Book pg. 262
Math: Testing- mad minute and journal
Multi-Age: Flight
Health: Lisa Fest
Geography: Working Together-Read pgs. 396-401-Workbook pgs. 155-256
English: D-Flip Chart-Capitalization-TE pgs. 647g-Grammar Book pg. 132
Spelling: roofread-TE pg. 647j-Workbook pg. 107-Think and Practice-TE pg. 647j-Workbook pg. 106
Reading: Stamp Club
Math: mad minute-Dividing wiht Remainders pgs. 327-372-Problem of the Day 7-3 and Spiral Review 7-3-R7-3 together-Assign P7-3
Multi-Age: Flight
Star Program
Nursing Home
English: DOL- Flip Chart- Capitaliztation TE pgs, 647g-647h-Grammar Book pgs. 133-134
Creative Writing
Reading: Teacher read pgs. 632-643 with questions from the margin-Practice Book pg. 263
Math: mad minute-Problem of Day7-4 and Spiral Review 7-4-Two-Digit Qiotients-pgs. 37i4-377
Multi-Age: Flight
Heart Institute Presentation
Geography:Study Guide Chapter 14
English: DOL-Flip Chart-Capitalization-TE pg. 647h-Grammar Book pg. 135
Reading: Teacher-made ditto together-Students read pgs. 632-634 together- Selection
Test in Practice Book pgs. 265-266- Literature Connection pgs. 645-6i47-Main Idea/Supporting Details TE pg. 647b-Practice Book pg. 267-Irregular Plurals TE pg. 647i Pratice Book pg. 268
Arbor Day Planting
Nurse's Talk
Spelling: Sentence Dictaion 1-5 pg. i647j-Review-TE pg. 647j-Workbook pg. 108
Geography: Study Guide Chapter 14- Send homne Chpater 14 test
Spelling: Test over Capitalization and Abbreviation
Math: Mad minute and Journal
Reading: Study Skills- TE pg.647l-Ractice Book pg. 269-270
Multi-age: light
Health: How Alcohol Harms the Body- Read pgs. 212-217-Activity Book pg. 43
Map:Parallels Help with Location
Dictionary: Exercise 28: Trying to Find Words in the Dictionary