Lesson Plans
Westbrook Ist Grade 2nd Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/15/2004 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Phonics - blends using r (br, pr, fr, tr, gr, dr, cr)
Spelling - Pre List 8 (nk / ng endings)
Reading - Journal, word wall, Read "Jog Frog Jog" / "Lon and Ron", BIG BOOK "One Stuck Duck", adding s endings, wkbk
Math - POD Spiral 3-10, checkpt review p 115-116, Sum Dice
Handwriting - Numbers 7-9
SS - Indians, Thanksgiving, Pilgrims
Phonics - blends with r
Speling - Sparkle
Reading - SQUIRT, word wall bingo, Read "Tadpole to Frog", phonics skills boards, wkbk
Math - POD Spiral 3-11, addition review, math games
SS - Indians, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving
Phonics - review of all blends (l and r)
Spelling - Practice List 8
Reading - Centers (L words, Read "How Many Fish", phonics game, wkbk, ABC order)
Math - Chapter 3 Test

Spanish / Library
Prairie Winds Festival in Walnut Grove
Phonics - consonant bingo
Spelling - Post List 8
Reading - Journal, Small Group Reading "Tadpole to Frog" / "Jack and Jill" / "In and Out"
Thanksgiving Coloring project in third group

High School Play @ Tech Campus 1:30