Lesson Plans
Westbrook Ist Grade 2nd Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/06/2004 Instructor: Derrick Jenniges Academics
Phonics - word building with the short a
Spelling - Pre List 10 (blends with r)
Reading - Journal (Dear Santa), word wall, Chores Web p 10m, Read "The Big Mess", hand out new workbooks
Math - Fact Practice / Card Collecting, checkpt review p 135-136

Christmas Concert practice 9am
Phonics - word building with the short i
Spelling - sparkle
Reading - SQUIRT, word wall activity, Dear Santa letters, Read "A Pet on a Jet", "Ted Helps" phonics chart, wkbk 3-6
Math -POD Spiral 4-6, using related facts p 137-138
Handwriting - sentence writing
SS - Polar Bears
Phonics - word building with short o
Spelling - Prac List 10
Reading - Centers (B Words, Read "The Big Mess", phonics game, blending wksht, Handwriting)
Math - POD Spiral 4-7, Fact Families p 139-140
SS - Polar Bears
Phonics - word building with short e
Spelling - magnet practice
Reading - Journal (Dear Santa), Read "Little Red Hen", writing questions, building sentences, wkbk 13-16, School Helpers Thank You p 39d
Math - POD Spiral 4-8, Addition for subtraction p 141-142
Handwriting - sentences
SS - Polar Bear
Phonics - word building with short u
Spelling - Post List 10
Reading - Small Groups (Series stories, phonics readers), phonics charts
Math - POD Spiral 4-9, choose and operation p 143-144
SS - Polar Bears (Blubber experiment)