Lesson Plans
Westbrook Kindergarten 1st Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/31/2005 Instructor: Brittany Schneider Academics
Math: Review 1,2,3,; counting 4&5 with objects
Phonics/Rding: Dailly phonics song, letter Nn, Letters in my name whst, letter sounds wkst.
Star with Mrs. Benson
halloween activities: decorating pumpkins, coloring sheets, snacks, ect.
math: counting 4&5 wkst, recognize/write 4&5
Phonics/Rding: Oral lang poem, story and questions, letter Nn
Handwriting slant lines
Art today
color/shape activities
Math: review 4&5, regonize/write numbers & zero
Phonics/Reading: Letter Ss, letter naming wkst, story & discussion
Color/shape activities
Library today
math: review zero, count/compare groups (more, fewer)
phonics/reading: letter Hh, letter awarness, alphabet wkst, phonics wkst, oral lang (listening skills)
Spanish today
color/shape activities
math: review counting to 5, counting with objects through 5
phonics/Reading: review letters W,N,S,H, read aloud story (comprehension skills) "My little Book" (end of unit)
color/shape activities
pep fest at 2:30