Lesson Plans
Westbrook Kindergarten 3rd Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/16/2009 Instructor: Lynn Pabst Academics
Student of the Week-Ayden
Read On the Go
Reader Resonse/vocab/comp
One Upon a Time chart
sound /o/
Holds more, holds less
Dental Health
Old Mother Hubbard
Handwriting Oo
Oral Language Trains
Coph. On the Go
Rhyming words
How Many cups does it hold
wkbk. 147-148
Make Look and See class book
Classify ways to travel, land, sea, air
Read Dot Sam and Tig
Which Weighs more or less wkbk. 149-150
Dental Health
Old Mother Hubbard
Finish Look and See book
Classify animals
listen for sounds
How much does it weigh? wkbk. 151-152
Dental Health
Old Mother Hubbard
Word of the Day- frog
prepare to assess /o/ , rhyming words, my/we
Hotter or Colder wkbk. 153-154
Tammy Norstegard- Dental Health program
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