Lesson Plans
World History 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/16/2002 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
1:30-2:15-in groups of 12 go to lab and look up book to use for Book report project-others work on worksheets-due Wed.
Continue notes on Egypt/beliefs
Start on Mesopotamia notes
Start part of tape on Mesopotamia
Worksheets to be done by Thurs.
go to cafeteria at 2:50 for infor. on ASVAB, PSAT
Continue notes on Chapt. 2
Library-get book- groups of 12
2:15-3:00PM-rest work on worksheets
Continue notes on Chapt. 2

Finish notes on Chapt. 2
Start going over Worksheets, discussing test information.
Last part of period, watch "Mesopotamis"
Read lst part of period for book report-
Draw for times.
Finish worksheets information. Collect worksheets.
Test over Chapt. 2-
lst Civilizations/ Africa and Asia
Start on Chapt. 3-Early Civilizations/India and China