Lesson Plans
World History 3rd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/03/2003 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Start notes over Chapt. 2 Egypt-hieroglyphics, mummies-death traditions of cultures around the world.
Discuss maps-geographical locations=river valley civilizations
Continue tape on "Egypt"
lst half hour-work on book report or worksheets due Wed.
Continue notes on Chapt. 2
Finish "Egypt" tape, start little bit of "Mesopotamia", Garden of Eden-Biblical references in history.
Emphasize the Egyptian need to preserve their own history in their own country.
Collect worksheets-take points
Give time to read-45 minutes
Continue notes on Chapt. 2 Mesopotamia-Assyria-Israel-Babylon-Sumer
Continue with 15 minutes of video tape on Mesopotamia
Give lst 1/2 hour to read.
Worksheets back for discussion/test prep.
Discuss notes on Assyrians/warriors, Hebrews and the Diaspora.
Continue with tape on Mesopotamia. Make sure questions answered as watched.
Finish notes on Chapt. 2
Next week there will be time to type book reports, set up in new C. lab. Draw for spots for Book reports on Wed. of next week.
Go over rest of worksheet.
Test over Chapt. 2 on Monday.
Chapt. 3 Handout ready on Monday.