Lesson Plans
World History 3rd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/09/2004 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Begin notes on Chapt. 3-Early Civilizations of India and China
Watch 20 min. of India with video question guide to fill in.
After lunch-book report/worksheet time
Continue notes on Chapt. 3
Continue India tape, answering questions as go.
After lunch-book report/worksheet time
Worksheets due Wednesday.
Quiz over material so far using notes from board.
Collect worksheets.
Continue notes on Chapt. 3
Finish India tape-use video study guide.
After lunch-book report/worksheet time/Draw for day of book report presentation starting Feb. 23-25.
Review with class using Chapt. 3 worksheets-Test on Friday
Finish notes on Chapt. 3-Ancient Civilizations of India and China
Begin China tape answering video guide questions.
After lunch book report/study time.
Chapt. 3 test
Worksheet Handout for Chapt. 4-Empires of India and China
Worksheet/book report time.
Monday-Handout on Buddhism, continue China tape.