Lesson Plans
World History 4th Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/07/2003 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Continue notes on Chapt. 6, "Rome" Discuss how Christianity became a threat.
Hand back note cards for research paper.
Watch "Gladiator"
Finish notes on Chapt. 6, "Rome", fall of Rome, invaders.
Go over worksheet that can be used for test.
Finish "Gladiator"
Test over Chapt. 6-"Rome", can use worksheets that have been corrected.
Start working on Chapt. 7, "The Americas" or work on research project. Can use library if need more information.
Start Mayan tape
Michael F. hand back quizzes on The Contributions of Rome.
Go over outline form, due Friday. Can type it Per. 2 on Friday.
Also start discussing research rough copy, how to write it. Use handout for note taking.
Continue Mayan tape
Work on research. Outline due at end of period. If finished with outline, start to write rough copy of paper. If need more research material, may work in library.
Period 2, new computer lab open.
Mon. Start notes on Chapt. 7, "The Americas"