Lesson Plans
World History Period 3 1st Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/10/2007 Instructor: Shannon Helgeson Academics
Turn in Archaeologist/Historian project. Discuss.
Review 5 Themes of Geography with examples.
Assignment: World map activity; locate geographic features listed on assignment sheet. DUE FRIDAY SEPT. 14
Take notes on "Dawn of History"
Watch "Journey of Man" and take notes using questions from board.
Finish "Journey of Man." Discuss students' notes. Hand in.
Read "Environmental Changes and Afterlife" in text.
View cave paintings from website: www.jimhopper.com/paleo.html
Take notes on "Neolithic Age and Agricultural Revolution" and "Changing Ways of Life" p. 12 in textbook.
Read "Skara Brae" in text and discuss in terms of 5 Themes of Geography.
If time, view other cave paintings from French website: www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/arcnat/lascaux/en/ Choose Discover, then virtual visit.
View cave paintings from French website?
Start "Beginnings of Civilization"
What are the basic features of civilization? What makes a civilization? Students will list on board.
Jigsaw in 8 groups: each group will read a portion of text, know it well, and report to whole class. Others will take notes from each presentation.
Read aloud: "The Magic of Writing." Discuss the value of writing.
Update vocabulary worksheet.
Finish jigsaw if neccesary.
In table groups,study simple drawing of a pyramid. Analyze the 8 features of a civilization as they relate to the pyramid.
Take notes on features of civilizations.
Finish vocabulary work for this unit.
Review unit with Review Questions and Section Review. Discussion.
Prehistory Unit test will be Monday, Sept. 17
Test will include: timeline dates, 5 Themes of Geography, vocabulary, features of civilization, differences between Paleolithic and Neolithic life, culture, and gender roles. Also this question: Why do you think it's important to study and understand our past? There will be a map quiz as well based on World Map activity and some extra credit questions.