Lesson Plans
World History Period 3 2nd Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/05/2007 Instructor: Shannon Helgeson Academics
Test on India
Bring something to do when you finish test
Homework assignment: "5 Minute Buddhism" reading and questions. DUE WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7
"Lagaan" if time. A Bollywood treat.

Introduction of major research project. This will take the rest of the semester to complete.

Approximately 10:35 in high school lab with Mrs. Enstad for orientation on library and research resources. (There IS more than wikipedia out there!)
Homework assignment: Pompeii reading and summary in preparation for Nov. 30 field trip. DUE NOV.20. Also permission slips go home today for field trip.
Discuss Buddhism: use guided reading chart from text, 5 Minute Buddhism, and new handout, "The Eightfold Path."

Watch video: "Tibet" Take notes on note form
20-30 minutes in hs lab to find two recent news items about Tibet or the Dalai Lama. Answer this question about each item: how does the news report connect with the history of Tibet and the Dalai Lama?
We will present findings in class on Friday. This is for a grade.

Remainder of period: explore possible research topics. Look widely. Let your curiosity guide you. Topics DUE tomorrow--written up and handed in.
Turn in your topic choice.

Present news item findings and the answers to the 'history connection' question.

Discuss past and present connections.

Take short open-book/note quiz on Buddhism with one essay question.