Lesson Plans
World History Period 5 1st Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/24/2007 Instructor: Shannon Helgeson Academics
Any questions about Prehistory test?
Check notes from "Abbaye--Mystery of the Nile"
Quote from ancient Egyptian hymn: "If the Nile smiles...
Read p. 22 "The Nile Valley" alone.
On board, list effects of Nile River on Egypt; discussion.
Take notes on Nile River; continue labeling map.
Read about the Three Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt. Take notes from lecture.
Old Kingdom: Age of the Pyramids; label map
Middle Kingdom; label map
New Kingdom; label map

Read Egyptian Civilization p. 26-31
Take notes on religion, writing, wisdom, literature and arts
Tale of Sinuhe--know this for test.
With a partner: Section 2 Review, #1-7, p. 31. Be very complete. Also list five facts about mummification.
Section 1 Review, p. 26, # 2,3,4 (atleast 2 characteristics)
Homework Assignment: explanation in class Due Mon. Oct.1
Pass out "The Soul's Journey"
Read intro to chapter: on death in ancient Egypt
Poem: The King, Newly Dead, Appeals to the Gods not to Forget Him
Discuss poem and intro.
Watch "Ancient Egypt: In Search of the Afterlife"--take notes on Egyptian view of the afterlife.
Pass out "Creation of the World"
Free research in H.S. computer lab. Choose a topic we've talked or read about. Explore websites in order to advance your knowledge on that topic. Prepare a very short (2-3 minute) presentation. Make a small poster (8 1/2 by 11) is big enough. In presentation be prepared to add to our knowledge on topic, explain your visual, justify your sources. 15 points. Presentations on Mon.
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