Lesson Plans
World Literature 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/20/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Intro to class--goals, grad standards: change to "I can" statements; rules, materials: notebook, post-it notes, black pen; rules: food, drink, respect; grading: scale, daily work, quizzes, papers, projects; a map of the class

Literature--definitions; literary analysis: genre, theme, form, lessons from reading old stuff: gender, race/culture, economics, religion/beliefs/values

Gilgamesh--how Gilgamesh get to us: powerpont; the Sumerians into the Tigris/Euphrates region, Gilgamesh written since 3000-2700 BCE, Sumarians fade to Akkadians but written language endures, collected/transcribed for Assurbanipal around 650 BCE into Akkadian Semetic, then lost utterly, until 1839 Austen Layard found them at Nineveh

Gilgamesh words; epic conventions: read http://english.tjc.edu/greekromanepic/conventions.htm

Independent Reading

Computer lab (Laptop Cart Lab)

Sub--Mrs. Jansma

Gilgamesh--view background video on Mesopotamia: http://www.learn360.com/ShowVideo.aspx?ID=128197;

Review expository paragraph--topic sentence, support, clincher; build topic sentences from the questions below

Gilgamesh--read I The Coming of Enkidu: find epic conventions (l), select two: what sort of a guy is Gilgamesh to start the story? (p), how does Enkidu's conversion come about? (p) what illustrates Enkidu's humanness after seven days with the harlot? (p)

Gilgamesh--review reading: epic conventions, notice the plot oddities, what marks the "humanized" Enkidu; type paragraphs (Laptop Cart Lab); read to 77 end of first paragraph: what common human concern is introduced in the first pages of 2 The Forest Journey? (p) what motivates Gilgamesh? (p)

Gilgamesh--review paragraphs, revise; read to the end of 2 The Forest Journey; read 4 The Search for Everlasting Life: outline the chapter