Lesson Plans
World Literature 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/27/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Gilgamesh--review handout assigned Friday, review selected paragraphs from Friday, summarize The Forest Journey; intro to chapter 4, "The Search for Everlasting Life": Enkidu's death and Gilgamesh's response, Gilgamesh's motivation, the quest in epic literature, our connection/sympathy/empathy to Gilgamesh's search, the new characters: Utnapishtim, man-scorpion, Shamash, Siduri, Urshanabi, the Anunnaki, Mammetun; which epic convention dominates

Independent Reading

Gilgamesh--review: what roles do the characters play (note that they're not rounded characters, but types), which epic convention dominates "The Search for Everlasting Life"; read chapter 5 "The Story of the Flood": why do the gods agree to exterminate humankind? (s); considering the poem on page 112, what might have been the greatest fear for the original audiences of The Epic of Gilgamesh? (w); how does Utnapishtim survive the flood? (s)

Gilgamesh--review "The Story of the Flood"; read Genesis 6-9. list similarities and differences between the biblical account of the flood and the account given in The Epic of Gilgamesh (l)

Gilgamesh--review Genesis 6-9: thesis statement and topic sentences for an essay of comparison/contrast--Gilgamesh/Genesis; what might explain the similarities (the point of the exercise); MLA formated draft due Monday; citation:

No school--Labor Day break