Lesson Plans
World Literature 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/17/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
The Iliad--review Book 6 quests, type summaries (HS Wing Lab), Hector's greatest fear; The Shield of Achilleus: words, the shift in time/location, the ekphresis, the contrasting societies under a common firmament, read to line 60, why are we so easily drawn into gall? what motivates Achilleus to commit to battle?

Independent Reading--20 minutes

Yesterday they heard/read the first quarter or so of Book 18, starting on p. 355 and ending on line 60.

Today finish the book. You can start by reading out loud. Im interested in the students noticing the breaks between the scenes described on the shield. Point out the first break at line 118 between a description of the cosmos and the first city, and the second at 137 between the first city and the second city: two cities contained by the cosmos that forms the border of the shield. Have the students finish the book, listing, as they read, the additional line numbers where shifts in scene occur. The reading must be done for tomorrow.


Break the students into groups--Stephanie/Reed, Diamond/Andrew M., Andrew B./Josh, Matthew/Trey, Hannah/Jordan, Calvin/Katie--and have them argue about and generate a list of lines where the scenes in the shield shift. Give them 10-15 minutes then discuss briefly--give the answers and search out the locations. There are the two cities mentioned above, a field being tended beginning at line 169, then the kings precinct beginning at 178, which is composed of reapers, vintners beginning at line 189, a cattle herdsman beginning at line 201, and a festival beginning at line 215.

Individually again, and due tomorrow, select any three of the shields scenes, what values are represented in each? For example, in the scene just after the second city scene, the values of work and reward are highlighted. Respond with sentences. Due tomorrow.

Let them know about the big quiz on Books 6 and 18. They should read both again.


Collect sentences on the values represented in the shields scenes.

Quiz on Books 6 and 18--selection test p. 481.

The Iliad, Book 22--The Death of Hektor: read, respond to questions handout.


Discuss book 22 questions. Collect handout.

Assign book 24. Assignment: outline the book carefully. Due on Monday.
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