Lesson Plans
World Literature 3rd Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/28/2008 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Tony and Sam do historical part of quiz/ no helps.
Rest work on MC part of exam using book plus essay.
Discuss Gilgamesh's flood.
Announce will collect notebooks on Friday with a look at questions for each reading assignment plus grammar p. 11-12. Include also the typed report on afterlife.
Vocab study # 5
Assign. Hebrew lit. p. 10 overview of culture and geography, lit. p. 38-39. "The Story of the Flood" p. 47-51 from the Bible plus Q's 1-3 for Wednesday. Hand out p. 53-54 pronoun study to do and have in notebook.
World Lit. project # 1-work time
World Lit. project # 1-work time lst half of period.
Report presentation- 2nd half of period. (adjustable)
If time, begin look at Hebrew history.
Tues. assign. discuss with attention to similarities in Gilgamesh flood story and Bible flood story.
Finish Vocab study if any left.
Assign: Use form from book for compare/contrast of two floods.
Finish compare/contrast work in class.
Turn in 3-ring binders with material, all questions answered that have been assigned, all grammar and vocab work on lit. book plus typed report on religion.
Vocab test#5
Assign: Mon. On to China and Japan. Background p. 193-200. Lao Tzu-p. 208-211 Q 1-7.