Lesson Plans
World Literature 3rd Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/04/2008 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Carmen, Kao, Mika, Joua do religion reports on Afterlife
Collect the 3-ring binders from them
All do compare/contrast essay questions on form about Sumerian "Flood" and Bible "Flood"
Begin beginning notes on Chinese history/culture/geography

Vocab test # 5
Work time
Continue with history/culture of China, TAOISM, CONFUSCIANISM
Reading assign. for Chinese unit-p. 193-200.
Lao Tzu-p. 208-211 Q. 1-4, T'ao Ch'ien p. 222-227, p. 225 Q. 1-5, p. 226 Q. 1-5 Shih poetry
Redo vocab test for any did not get 20 out of 20.
Begin to go over material on Lao Tzu and poetry, T'ao Ch'ien and poetry
Assign: 2 pages of grammar work including fact/opinion and vocabulary, antonyms, mechanics. Vocab unit # 6
Japanese material Read p. 257-264, Haiku p. 286-293. Q 1-3p. 289, Q. 1-3, p. 290, Q. 1-3 p. 292. "No" play/theatre p. 302-313. "Recognizing Japanese aesthetic" Q 1-3
Begin watching "Shogun" to see ancient Japan
Finish "Shogun" /discuss story.
What did we learn about ancient Japanese culture/Sammuri culture.
Work time on Japanese reading assignment for next week.