Faculty Biography
William Richards
Administrator at Westbrook-Walnut Grove since 1978 in Walnut Grove.


Site: Westbrook
Educational Background Courses
Washington High School in 1968. Augustana College in 1972. Various schools and programs leading to Specialist in Educational Administration from Mankato State University. As principal, I supervise staff, develop schedules, write grants, coordinate curriculum, help with staff developments, and a host of other exciting tasks. I also work with the theatre productions.
Interests Coaching Positions
I am married to Tina, an artist and inspiration. All three children are graduated from school and have started their careers. Elementary Teacher / High Performance Engines/ Welding / Concrete/ Trucking/ Farrier! / Theater Director. HS Musical, HS Yearbook, JR Hi Musical
Advisor Positions
WWG District Home HS Musical, HS Yearbook, JR Hi Musical