344 8th St.
Westbrook, Minnesota 56183
(507) 274-6111 fax: (507) 274-6113
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    To educate all students to their fullest potential and to prepare them to be successful in their careers and active in their communities.

    Our Vision

    An innovative school district that inspires excellence in academics, activities, relationships, and character.

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    Upcoming Events

    WWG Elementary School

    Our pre-K to 6th grade students attend school in Walnut Grove. Click here to visit.
    WWG Elementary School
    601 Washington St.
    Walnut Grove, MN 56180
    fax: 507-859-2329

    WWG High School

    Our 7th to 12th grade students attend school in Westbrook. Click here to visit.
    WWG High School
    344 8th St.
    Westbrook, MN 56183
    fax: 507-274-6113