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Name: Annalie Plaetz Date of Activity: 01-03-2022 Staff Development Approval: Pending
Presenter (or presenting organization): BER Site:Elementary Date of Submission: 09-08-2021  
Title of event: What's NEW in Young Adult Literature and How to Use it in Your Program Grades 6-12
Objective(s): Ten Key Benefits of Attending
Preview the Best New Young Adult Books for 2022
Thousands of new books for young adults are published annually  Discover and learn about the BEST of the most recently published young adult books and which upcoming books you should be on the lookout for
Incorporate the Best, New Books into Your Classroom or Library Curriculum
Learn innovative, fun activities and strategies for utilizing the best new books for young adults to enhance content instruction and your overall program
Identify Outstanding Titles that Reflect Your Diverse Students
Uncover the best, new books that reflect the diversity of the young adult population you work with
Discover Current Trends in Young Adult Literature
Get the latest news on what is happening in the YA publishing world and how you can use these trends to get  and keep  your teens reading!
Find the Best, New Book Promotions to Use with Teens
Build interest in new titles for your young adult readers using captivating author talks, book trailers, and more!
Engage Reluctant Teen Readers with Fast-Paced Titles
Find out which new titles will captivate the interest of your reluctant teen readers
Learn About New Titles in Favorite Teen Series
Learn whats next in the popular series fiction your teens ask for  Find out how to keep up with the latest hot series titles
Discover the Best, New Young Adult Titles in a Variety of Genres
Some of your students love contemporary fiction, while others cant get enough mysteries  or humor  or graphic novels  or novels in verse  Discover the best, new titles and find something for everyone
Examine, Hands-on, Dozens of Hot-off-the-Press Titles
Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover, back matter, and other elements you need to see to appreciate  Personally preview many of the latest and best books for young adults
Receive a Comprehensive Young Adult Literature Resource Handbook
You will receive an extensive young adult literature resource handbook with annotated booklists, book sharing ideas and resources, and special online access to a Google Drive filled with electronic resources specifically to supplement this seminar
Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately
The best, NEW literature to use with teens and to recommend to teens
New titles by authors who have proven their popularity with teens  Gain ideas to tie these titles to the curriculum
Practical and powerful activities you can use with almost any book
How to find clean reads for your students  Get a list of the 2022 clean reads and learn ways to identify potentially sensitive areas in specific YA titles
Debut authors sure to become your teens favorites
Practical ideas, tips and suggestions for incorporating relevant teen books across all content areas for grades 6-12
Nonfiction titles that support the need for exemplary informational text
Innovative strategies and ideas for outstanding book talks: a do-it-yourself guide
The best, new books to motivate your reluctant readers
How to get the most for your money when purchasing young adult books
Utilize the web to introduce authors, gather book guide ideas, gain insights about selected books, and discover ideas for using new books with readers
Discover hot, new fantasy and series titles  Stay a step ahead of the students who will ask for them
Broaden your collection with titles that reflect the diversity of your teen population, with a concentration on own voices
Tips to connect the right book with the right reader  How and what to ask to help make those connections
Creative projects that combine technology, real-world skills and student creativity
A Message From Your Seminar Leader
Dear Colleague:

For many years as a school librarian, I have loved connecting the right book to the right reader and then watching their love of reading grow. I love helping teens discover my passion for reading and helping them realize that reading is cool. In my experience, providing lots of great choices and opportunities to read, and engaging students in choosing are important aspects of developing passionate readers.

I know firsthand what a challenge it is for busy teachers and librarians to stay abreast of the bet of whats new. There are literally thousands of new, young adult books released each year! I can help, though. Ive been reading extensively and am excited to share with you the best new YA books and great ways you can use them in your classroom or library program.

In our day together, I will help you hone in on the best, newly published titles that have the power to inspire and captivate the teens you work with to read. I will share titles you can use to teach empathy, history, community, science, and more! I will share books that are exciting, funny, scary, thought-provoking, adventuresome, and romantic.

Ill include lots of ideas for ways to incorporate the newest young adult books into your curriculum, whether its for an entire unit or a five-minute activity. From graphic novels to entice reluctant readers, to audiobooks to include teens with different learning styles, to titles to challenge your advanced readers, I will introduce you to something new for every teen who relies on your informed choices for his or her next great read.

Be prepared to spend a day doing what book lovers love to do  learning about books, talking about books, reviewing books, and sharing ideas related to books. If you are looking for high-quality books and ideas with lots of teen appeal this day is for you! I will go above and beyond the book talks themselves to show you how these books can enhance your classroom or library program.

I look forward to spending the day with you!

Cathy Andronik

P.S. Are you a tire-kicker when you car shop? You will love the chance to take a close look and personally preview many of books were discussing!

Who Should Attend
Secondary Teachers, School Librarians and Public Librarians

About BER Live Online Events
With the current health challenges, all BER in-person PD events are currently being presented in a Live Online format:

Outstanding Instructors
All programs are led by outstanding BER national trainers
Extensive Resource Handbooks
You'll have access to an extensive digital Resource Handbook before, during and after your seminar
Highly Interactive
You'll be able to ask questions in real time and interact with the instructor and other participants
Program Guarantee
As we have for 43 years, we guarantee the high quality of our programs. If you are not satisfied, we'll give you a 100% refund.
Special Benefits of Attending
Extensive Resource Handbook
You will receive an extensive digital resource handbook giving you access to countless strategies. The handbook includes:

Ready-to-use activities and resources so you can immediately incorporate the best, new books for teens into your program
Extensive genre-oriented annotated bibliographies
High- and low-tech book-sharing ideas and resources
Websites that enhance the reading experience for teens and keep you up to date
Special online access to a Google Drive filled with digital resources, specifically to supplement this seminar
For in-person seminars, registrants will also receive a printed copy of the resource handbook as long as their registration is received in the BER office at least 15 calendar days before the event.
Meet and Share
This seminar provides participants a great opportunity to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in strengthening their program using the best, new YA literature.

Many New Young Adult Books on Display
Many newly published young adult titles will be available for participants to personally review.

Description: Specifically Designed for Secondary Teachers, School Librarians and Public Librarians
A comprehensive overview of the best, new books for young adults published in the past year
Practical, ready-to-use ideas for selecting and utilizing the best, new young adult literature across your curriculum and program
Outstanding suggestions to enhance and promote young adult reading
An extensive young adult literature resource handbook filled with annotated booklists, ready-to-use ideas, genres, activities, and more valuable and practical ideas
Practical Ideas and Strategies
In this outstanding, ALL NEW for 2022 seminar, CATHY ANDRONIK will share the best, new books for young adults, all just recently published in the past twelve months. Keeping up with the thousands of young adult books published each year need not be a daunting task! Cathy has done the hard work for you, reading hundreds of new YA books and distilling down to the very best of the best. Cathy will go beyond familiarizing you with the best, newly published titles to share strategies for using these outstanding books in your classroom or library program.

This daylong seminar will be filled with the best, new books, innovative and creative ideas, exciting curriculum connections, and news about authors that are all too good for young adults to miss. You will also receive a comprehensive YA literature resource handbook complete with detailed annotated bibliographies and packed with outstanding ideas that you can immediately use to motivate and inspire your young adult readers.

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