Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2004 Gallery Archive Two
Briana Rice
School: LQPV High School
Graduation Year: 2004
Title: Still Life, Crafts
The subject of the photograph is set up as still life. It contains two notebooks, 3 spools of string and a stainless steel colander. I also used a spotlight to bring out the shadows and contrast of the pieces. I printed the photo at a light of 8 and enlarged so that you see the lines of movement better. I used a resin-coated paper. The technique I used was an angle of 45-50 degrees, an F/stop set at 8 and a shutter speed at 60. The film speed was at 400. I chose to shoot the still life at the line of movement. Slowing down the shutter speed gave the photograph more of a creative edge. The subjects of the photograph create a sense of imagination in a realistic world.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Tjepkes Paul

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