Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2016 Gallery Archive Two
Annie Sandry
School: MACCRAY High School
Graduation Year: 2016
Title: Sunflower, 2D Mixed Media/Collage
My artwork is inspired from a photo I took in a previous digital photography class. This picture is of a yellow flower. I took this photo from a worm's eye view for an unusual angle to add character. I manipulated the photo in Photoshop and used the cut out edit. There are eight different levels of color in this picture because I wanted to make this artwork more complex since the picture itself is already very simple. The background of the picture was very plain so to add texture, I glued down ripped pages from a book and painted it in a value scale of purples. Because the photo itself was very simplistic, I decided to add some interest by making into a collage. In doing so, I used ripped painted tape as my medium. I used a variety of orange, brown, and green tone for this picture. I ripped the painted tape and applied it in a textured way. I am extremely proud of how this artwork turned out. It is my favorite one by far that I have completed.

Award: Superior

Instructor: LeAnn Atchison

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