Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2017 Gallery Archive Two
Jessaca Zuidema
School: MACCRAY High School
Graduation Year: 2017
Title: Pieces of Me, 2D Mixed Media/Collage
This unique collage self-portrait was inspired from a photo of myself. I drew the original image with pencil on mat board. I tore pieces of map for a background. I decided to use a map to represent where I may end up in my life. I cut out magazine pieces, cardboard pieces, and other paper material to make my skin. I added depth to this piece by emphasizing shadows and highlights through the use of light and dark colored paper. I made my hair and facial features from an assortment of paper materials. I used newspaper to create my shirt and added flower detail and lace embellishments. The newspaper is from my local town. The name of my city and along with the names of local people can be seen when viewed closely. This piece represents a struggle I am facing as a high school senior; wanting to hold on to my small town roots yet explore the rest of the world. Making this self-portrait was very fun as working with collage materials was a new experience for me. I have never made a mixed media piece before. It was very enjoyable to explore this side of art.

Award: Superior

Instructor: LeAnn Atchison

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