Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2017 Gallery Archive Two
Tylar Larsen
School: Redwood Area Schools
Graduation Year: 2019
Title: Fear, 2D Mixed Media/Collage
In 2014 Tech N9ne released a song called Fear. His mother was suffering from memory loss and couldnt tell who her son was. This was one of Techs great fears. Then, between the release of Fear and the drop of the music video, his greatest fear happened. He lost his mother. I discovered this song during a time when I thought I was going to lose my own mother, inspiring this image. I began by drawing a left-side profile of Tech screaming, using hatching, cross-hatching, and squiggle shading. I wanted it to look angry and rushed. Then I started the watercolor background. I mixed black and red with a little orange and brown to make a deep red. I layered that on the cross and foreground, using a liftoff technique on the cross. I then made several greys and layered short strokes over the background, and a black line to separate the red from the greys. I cut out and rubber cemented the portrait onto the background. Then I added two quotes from Fear, one around the cross and one above the portrait. Lastly, I used a subtractive technique to carve Fear on the bottom.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Art Teacher

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