Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2006 Gallery Archive Two
Natasha Sutlief
School: Red Rock Central High School
Graduation Year: 2007
Title: Burial Mask, Crafts
No Image Available I had someone make a life mask on my face. I was looking at third world countries to see how these countries used masks. Seeing that many of the countries had burial masks. Mexico made burial masks with mosaic tiles and jewelry that was important to that person. I painted the mask with a mixture of white and yellow to make the mask look like a skull. I found blue paper mosaic tiles that fit my mask. Thinking the sun was the most important source of light and then I put a sun on the forhead with yellow tiles. I wanted to add something to separate the sun from the rest of the mosaic tiles. I added asortment of green beads. To add more a life like effect I decided to add real teeth to the mouth.

Award: Participant

Instructor: Sue Redman

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