Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2007 Gallery Archive Two
Ashley Alsum
School: MACCRAY High School
Graduation Year: 2007
Title: Self Portrait, Crafts
No Image Available This piece was created using many copies of the same digital photo in assorted sizes. The idea came to me while paging through art magazines. I had always though it would be interesting to make one large picture using a bunch of smaller ones. Then, I decided to use one single picture in different sizes to make a sort of 'collage'. The placement of the picture's color values was essential in conveying the overall image. The construction of the piece took around two weeks to complete. During the assembly, my patience was repeatedly tested with all the small parts I had to use. In the end, I guess I'd have to look back and appreciate my efforts. All the small pictures seem to represent a different part of who I am.

Award: Superior

Instructor: LeAnn Atchison

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