Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2008 Gallery Archive Two
Teresa Klaassen
School: Adrian High School
Graduation Year: 2008
Title: Guardian Angel Candle Holder, Crafts
I wanted to make something that I could put these lyrics that are special to me on and also be something I could use. I was sitting in my living room and I noticed a candle holder that my mom got from my sister. It had a saying on every side. My lyrics have four lines so it would work perfect and I can use it.

After doing all the pre-steps for making a clay project I cut one slab to see if I liked the size. I found the perfect size and continued cutting slabs. I constructed the top with a little bowl type shape to put the candle in. I added a clay square around it and slipped and scored it to put it together. I then started working on scoring and slipping my other sides of my project. I spent a good portion of time on making my sides as equal as possible. I also smoothed out the sides and let it get a little dryer. The next step I took was carving my lyrics out. I knew I didn't want to glaze the lyrics on so I took a couple days to carve them. I then had to choose a color to glaze my project. I knew I wanted Shiny Black because it is an elegant color when put with another calm and not so bright color. When going through the other glazes, another color stuck out. I chose to go with Emerald Green because it reminded me of my birthstone color, Peridot, and I liked the shade.

Award: Excellent

Instructor: Chris Trombley

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