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Welcome to the Region 3A Visual Arts Virtual Gallery! Take the tour! Listed below are the entrants for the 2019 competition organized by category. By clicking on the entry title, you can view more information about the artist and work and see a digital rendition.

Title Name School
No Image Available Self-Portrait Olivia Hanson BOLD
untitled Damian Knott BOLD
Pheasant Nathan Wallenberg Ellsworth
Eyes Nathan Wallenberg Ellsworth
No Image Available Miss Acacia Katlyn Aviles MACCRAY High School
Monochromatic Self Portrait Jaimi Heida MACCRAY High School
Dots of Emotion Katelyn Hultgren MACCRAY High School
Purple Gal Gracie Husman MACCRAY High School
Self Portrait Emily Koenen MACCRAY High School
Contemplation Amanda Santjer MACCRAY High School

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