Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2019 Gallery Two
Amanda Santjer,
School: MACCRAY High School
Graduation Year: 2020
Title: Contemplation, 2D Mixed Media/Collage

Expressive Qualities: Intention- In this self portrait I felt that it looked as if I was in deep contemplation about something and wanted to bring an emphasis to that. The scraps of paper represent mixed thoughts and emotions that I have.
Composition: Content and Design Concept- I placed myself off center to add visual interest. By using many different kinds of paper, I added texture and varying color schemes. I also used repetition throughout to help bring balance to the picture and make the eye move around. The tissue paper in the background added a sense of transparency and brought an interesting element into the picture.
Process and Problem Solving- I chose to use many different colors and textures of paper to add more visual interest to the picture. I also used color theory to make it look semi-realistic despite many unusual colors.
Discovery- Through this project I learned how many varying colors and patterns can work together to form an image. I also discovered how valuable repetition is when trying to pull off a project with many different colors, patterns, and textures.

Award: Superior

Instructor: LeAnn Atchison

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