Minnesota State High School League
Visual Arts Competition-Region 3A
2019 Gallery Two
Chassidy Vanderwerf,
School: Springfield
Graduation Year: 2019
Title: Amber Slabs, Ceramics

My intention of making this artwork was to create something that involved multiple elements of art.
Multiple different sized slabs can be seen placed together in each bowl.
The elements line, shape, and, form are created by the placement of the slabs.
Texture is also created at the seams of the slabs.
The glaze helps to create color and value where more ran into the cracks and sat making it darker in areas.
The personal decision making I had to face was deciding how large and small each piece was.
I used the technique of slab pottery to create my art work.
I became aware that I was going to create a set of bowls after I had already created the first, largest bowl.

Award: Superior

Instructor: Michelle Adrian

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