Children, Families & Learning The official state department of education pages.
MLA Style Citing sources of on-line materials in documents
A Net/Computer Access Survey
AA MCA Reading Sampler
AAA CNN News Production
AAATesting Map Testing Login
Agriculture Alpacas, a sustainable alternative for small scale agriculture
Agriculture Alpacas, a sustainable alternative for small scale agriculture
Agriculture Alpaca, a natural elegance, a sustainable luxury. Articles and facts about alpacas and their role in sustainable, valued added agriculture
All A lexile database
All An MLA/APA etc. citation generator
All SMSU Library
All Adobe e-book reader
All Areas Plum Creek Library Info and Catelog
Jr High Football Jr High Football Website
Language Arts A resource for Shakespeare with some links to criticism.
Language Arts A great site for all things Language Arts; check out the grammar exercises!
Language Arts Information on quoting sources.
Language Arts A nice selection of essays on Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales.
Language Arts Library of Congress Depression images--See Shafter or Sharecropper.
Language Arts Library of Congress Depression images--See Shafter or Sharecropper.
Language Arts Great Depression era photos by great Depression era photographer Dorothea Lange.
Language Arts The Complete Works of Shakespeare, with a search feature.
Language Arts Intro screen for desktop publishing elements exercises.
Language Arts Reading activity types.
Language Arts "To be" grammar quiz
Language Arts Verb form quiz
Language Arts Audio renditions of Jonathan Edwards, not very dramatically read.
Language Arts VideoMaker magazine. Articles, consumer reports on video production
Language Arts An on-line video course divided into modules with little quizzes and everything. Very nice.
Language Arts American Cinematographer Magazine
Language Arts Apostrophe exercises
Language Arts A great site for basic grammar exercises--interactive!
Language Arts A great ESL oriented grammar site. Check out the verb use quizzes.
Language Arts A concise description of how to quote others' work.
Language Arts Lincoln's collected works plus related documents
Language Arts Lincoln's Gettysburg Address drafts
Language Arts A nice Dust Bowl site with videos of people involved
Language Arts Nice examples of PSA with a human rights focus
Mathematics A practice test for the Minnesota Basic Skills test in Mathematics.
Media This site is designed to list various books for teens to read. Site is the American Library Association
Music Production Ideas for songwriting inspiration and tips
Music Production Lots of info & tools for beginning and experienced songwriters
Psychology Various "brain games" from the BBC
Robotic Robotics Class Page
Science Medical Careers website on Alternative Medicine
Social Studies A website showing photos of Lewis W. Hine. He took pictures of working children in the early 1900s. This site will open students' eyes to the usage of child labor in America around the turn of the 20th century.
Social Studies This site gives a list of many websites about child abuse around the world, in particular, sites that address the issue of children being used as soldiers.
Social Studies Citizenship Test Ex.
Spanish Mexico's Independence Day
Spanish Independence Day
Spanish is a website that accompanies our Spanish 1 and 2 textbook. Use it for extra practice and review. Also, use it to download audio files to your ipod, mp3 player or computer!
Spanish 1 and 2 Our book comes with a wonderful website to practice vocab, grammar, and listening! Check it out! Also, if you miss a telehistoria, you can watch them at this website!
Staff Development A short paper on the elements of staff development.
Video Production Module 22