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Westbrook, Minnesota 56183
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Extra-curricular Advisors

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Ahnupkana, Wendy
ahnupkanafac@wwgschools.org Special Needs Westbrook
Alexander, Megan
alexanderfac@wwgschools.org Kitchen Staff Walnut Grove
Andree, Gwen
andreefac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Andree, Brittany
andreebfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Barron, Josh
barronfac@wwgschools.org Agriculture Westbrook
Beckendorf, Megan
beckendorffac@wwgschools.org Westbrook
Benson, Angie
abensonfac@wwgschools.org 4th Grade Walnut Grove
Benson, John
bensonjfac@wwgschools.org Special Needs Walnut Grove
Benson, McKenzie
bensonmfac@wwgschools.org Phy Ed/Health Walnut Grove
Bents, Andrea
bentsfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Berg, Debra
berg@wwgschools.org 2nd Grade Walnut Grove
Bonnstetter, Megan
bonnstetterfac@wwgschools.org Social Studies Westbrook
Byers, Paula
byersfac@wwgschools.org Language Arts Westbrook
Campbell, Kristy
campbellkfac@wwgschools.org Counselor Westbrook
Carter, Linda
carterfac@gmail.com Agriculture Westbrook
Caygle, Lynn
cayglefac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Westbrook, MN
Christians, Rachel
christiansfac@wwgschools.org Office Staff Westbrook
Cooley, Quentin
cooleyqfac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Walnut Grove
Cuff, Tasha
cufffac@wwgschools.org Instrumental Music Westbrook and Walnut Grove
Derickson, Brenda
dericksonfac@wwgschools.org Substitute Westbrook
Dibble, Betty
dibblebfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Dibble, Mandy
davisfac@wwgschools.org Mathematics Westbrook
Doubler, Stephanie
comnickfac@wwgschools.org Special Needs Walnut Grove
Earl, Steve
earlfac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Westbrook
Eisfeld, Carol
eisfeldfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Westbrook
Fornberg, Ed
fornbergfac@wwgschools.org Art Walnut Grove
Foster, Becky
fosterb@wwgschools.org School Board Member
Fowler, David
fowlerfac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Walnut Grove
Freeburg, Michele
freeburgfac@wwgschools.org Kitchen Staff Walnut Grove
Gilb, Jordaan
joelfac@wwgschools.org Kitchen Staff Westbrook
Gilb, Hunter
gilbfac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Walnut Grove
Glanzer, Morgan
glanzerfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Gundermann, Karla
gundermannfac@wwgschools.org Westbrook
Hannan, Duane
hannan@wwgschools.org Technology Staff Westbrook
Hansen, Robyn
hansenfac@wwgschools.org Substitute Westbrook
Hansen, Wendy
cortezfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Hass, Jane
hass@wwgschools.org Office Staff Westbrook
Helmer, Eileen
helmer@wwgschools.org Office Staff Walnut Grove
Hemp, David
hempdfac@wwgschools.org School Board Member
Her, Chee
herfac@wwgschools.org Nurse Walnut Grove
Herder, Amy
herderafac@wwgschools.org 4th Grade Walnut Grove
Hoheisel, Roxanne
hoheiselfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Jaycox, Ann
jaycoxanfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Westbrook
Jenniges, Derrick
jennigesfac@wwgschools.org 1st Grade Walnut Grove
Jensen, Mary
jensenmfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Johnson, Laurie
pecankimble@hotmail.com Substitute WWG
Johnson, Diana
johnsondifac@wwgschools.org Other Westbrook
Jorgenson, Nikki
jorgenson@wwgschools.org 5th/6th Grade Walnut Grove
Kells, Lairdie
kells@wwgschools.org 5th/6th Grade Walnut Grove
Kelly, Nancy
kellyfac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Westbrook
Kelsey, Jeanne
kelsey@wwgschools.org ELL Westbrook and Walnut Grove
Kirsh, Jamie
kirshfac@wwgschools.org Preschool Walnut Grove
Kletscher, Adrienne
kletscherafac@wwgschools.org Language Arts Westbrook
Kletscher, Adam
kletscher@wwgschools.org Kindergarten Walnut Grove
Kleven, James
klevenj@wwgschools.org School Board Member
Klumper, Dan
klumperfac@wwgschools.org Social Studies Westbrook
Klumper, Abby
klumperafac@wwgschools.org Phy Ed/Health Walnut Grove
Knakmuhs, Wendy
knakmuhsfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Koblegard, Angi
koblegardfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Kolar, Karen
kolar@wwgschools.org Office Staff Westbrook
Koppien, Michelle
koppienfac@wwgschools.org Art Westbrook
Kuehl, Maury
School Board Member
Lambert, Connie
lambertfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
LeBoutillier, Steve
leboutillier@wwgschools.org PhyEd Walnut Grove
Locke, Courtney
lockefac@wwgschools.org Technology Staff Walnut Grove
Lor, Ka Lia
Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Lor, Kaci
lorkfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Maas, Maydra
maas@wwgschools.org School Board Member
Madson, Joyce
madsonfac@wwgschools.org Substitute Westbrook
Madson, Linda
madsonlifac@wwgschools.org Kitchen Staff Westbrook
Madson, Greg
School Board Member
Makarrall, Stacy
makarrall@wwgschools.org Office Staff Westbrook
Martinez, Porsha
martinezfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
McClellan, Karleyn
mcclellanfac@wwgschools.org Sped Walnut Grove
McFarlin, McKenna
mcfarlinfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Westbrook
Merrick, Patrick
merrickpfac@wwgschools.org Science Westbrook
Merrick, Shelly
merrick@wwgschools.org 3rd Grade Walnut Grove
Moser, Misty
moserfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Mumm, Dasha
mummfac@wwgschools.org Nurse Walnut Grove
Nelson, Jan
nelsonjfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Westbrook
Nelson, Luke
nelsonlufac@wwgschools.org Vocal Music Westbrook and Walnut Grove
Nissel, Karen
knissel@walnut.mntm.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Noding, Jeannette
nodingfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Westbrook
Nolte, Brenda
noltefac@wwgschools.org Kitchen Staff Westbrook
Noomen, Mary
noomenfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Olson, Paul
polson03@wwgschools.org Administrator Walnut Grove
Olson, Karen
olsonkfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Olson, Cole
olsoncofac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Otto, Monica
otto@wwgschools.org 2nd Grade Walnut Grove Elementary
Ourada, Mona
ouradafac@wwgschools.org School Counselor Westbrook Walnut Grove Jr./Sr. High
Ourada, Connie
ouradacfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Pabst, Lynn
pabst@wwgschools.org Kindergarten Walnut Grove
Peters, Darren
petersfac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Westbrook
Plaetz, Annalie
aplaetzfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Purrington, Erin
purringtonfac@wwgschools.org Special Needs Westbrook
Quade, Kelly
quade@wwgschools.org 1st Grade Walnut Grove
Rasmussen, Charity
rasmussenfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Read, Jessica
readfac@wwgschools.org Special Needs Walnut Grove
Rehnelt, Renee
rehneltfac@wwgschools.org Kitchen Staff Westbrook
Rentschler, Dave
rentschlerfac@wwgschools.org Westbrook
Richards, Tina
richardstfac@wwgschools.org Art Westbrook
Richards, Erin
richardsefac@wwgschools.org Special Needs Westbrook
Ross, Carter
ross@wwgschools.org 5th/6th Grade Walnut Grove
Ross, Natalie
rossfac@wwgschools.org Phy Ed/Health Westbrook
Sahlstrom, Charisma
sahlstromcfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Schmalz, Linda
schmalzfac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Westbrook
Schmidt, Kristine
schmidtkfac@wwgschools.org Business Education Westbrook
Schmidt, Joseph
schmidtjfac@wwgschools.org EL Walnut Grove
Schmidt, Allen
schmidtafac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Walnut Grove
Schmidt, Miranda
schmidtmifac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Schmidt, Mary
schmidtmfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Schneider, Val
schneiderfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Scotto, Matthew
scottofac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Westbrook
Steen, Halle
steenfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Stern, Carol
sternfac@wwgschools.org Kitchen Staff Walnut Grove
Swan, Randall
swanfac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Walnut Grove
Thao, May Vang
thaomfac@wwgschools.org Mathematics Westbrook
Thao, Yeng
thaoyfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Westbrook
Theisen, Leo
theisenfac@wwgschools.org Business Education Westbrook
Ulstad, Rachel
ulstadfac@wwgschools.org Kindergarten Walnut Grove
VanDeVeire, Jolene
jcooley1010@hotmail.com ELL/3rd Grade Walnut Grove
Vondracek, Tom
tvondracek@wwgschools.org Instrumental Music Walnut Grove
Vue, Jennifer
vuejfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Wahl, Dan
wahldfac@wwgschools.org Special Needs Walnut Grove
Warner, Dan
warner@wwgschools.org School Board Member
Wehmeyer, Chelsey
wehmeyerfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Wendland, Dawn
wendlandfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Westover, Meghann
westoverfac@wwgschools.org paraprofessional Westbrook
Wiggins, John
wigginsj@wwgschools.org School Board Member
Woelber, Loy
lwoelber@wwgschools.org Administrator Westbrook
Woitalewicz, Sam
woitalewiczfac@wwgschools.org Administrator Westbrook
Yang, Ka Ying
yangkfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Yang, Kalub
yangkafac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Zeug, Doris
zeugfac@wwgschools.org Paraprofessional Walnut Grove
Zimmerman, Brian
zimmermanfac@wwgschools.org Custodial Staff Westbrook
Zins, Sara
zinsfac@wwgschools.org Special Needs Walnut Grove
Zollner, Nancy
zollnerfac@wwgschools.org Science Westbrook