• State Champion, Jaden Scholl

    Jaden Scholl Top Honors at State Tournament. (4/23/22)

    Congratulations to Jaden Scholl for earning top honors at Minnesota State High School League Speech Tournament last Saturday (4/23).  Over 300 schools were represented within thirteen categories.   The top twenty-four across each genre from around the state convened in a highly anticipated competition.   After three rounds of speakers, the top eight were chosen for a final championship event.  The work was done, it was time for the awards.   We waited with bated breath as each group of finalists were called up.  Poetry was called.  All the finalists stepped forward as their placements were called.  When the final medal was announced, Jaden had earned 1st place in Poetry. 

    We started off with twelve students competing in nine tournaments throughout the preseason.  Ten students competed at subsections, eight at sections with six making finals and three moving onto State.  Lexi Weber, Elizabeth Wiggins, and Jaden Scholl, closed out the team’s season in style.  All three young ladies represented our schools with undeniable grace and poise.  Their team was there to support them all the way.  Even the students who could not attend sent messages of encouragement. It was a trip none of them will soon forget.

    What an incredible season for the entire WWG/RRC Speech Team.   Students will be spending this final week preparing for our showcase. It is our way of thanking you for your support throughout the season.

    We formally invite the public to see your amazing WWG/RRC Speech Team in action on Sunday, May 1st,  2:00pm in the Westbrook Auditorium.  We hope to see you there.

  • Section Winners

    WWG/RRC Show at Sections     (4/9/22)

    The WWG/RRC Speech Team had a great showing at the 3A Sections held at SMSU in Marshall.  Nine students competed at Sections.  The top six in each category competed in finals.  Six of our nine competitors made it to finals.   After the finals came the awards, and the ceremony was intense.  Students had to be in the top 3 of their category in order to move on to State last Saturday, April 9th.   As each category was revealed, we sat in anticipation waiting to see who would move on.   The emcee would start with naming each place and the competitor’s name.  Everyone was quietly listening for their teammates' names, hoping they made it to that magic 3rd place.  In Drama, Elizabeth Wiggins took 1st place and Jaden Scholl received the top spot in Poetry.  Lexi Weber earned 2nd in Extemporaneous Reading.  All three of these young ladies will be moving onto State.Making finals, but not moving on: Ryker Duroe earning 4th in Original Oratory, Elijah Merrick 5th in Discussion, Tim Keeberger 6th in Humorous. They all did a fantastic job and represented our schools well. 

    State Speech will be held in Apple Valley, MN on April 23, 2022.  

    We also cordially invite you to see them for yourself at our 6th annual Speech Showcase on May 1, 2022.  


    1st place at Subsections

    3A Subsections- North

    On Saturday, April 2, the WWG/RRC Speech team attended the 3A Subsection-North tournament in Minneota.  Ten students were entered in eight different categories, and all but one will be advancing to Sections in Marshall this weekend.

    Several medals were bestowed upon our students during the awards ceremony.  Jaden Scholl was presented with the 1st medal in Poetry, while Elizabeth Wiggins took the top spot in Drama.  Lexi Weber collected 1st in Extemperanous Reading and Timothy Kleeberger garnered his first 1st place in Humorous.  Ryker Duroe was awarded 2nd in Original Oratory while Evelyn Rentschler took home 4th place in the same category.  Elijah Merrick received 3rd in Discussion and Elena Yang brought home 3rd in Informative.  Caitlin Mershon completed the awards with 5th place in Storytelling.  

    As a team, we amassed 41 total points.  This landed us in 3rd place for the tournament.  They continue to represent our schools well.

    Sections… here we come!!


  • Montevideo Thunder Hawk Invitational   (3/26/22)

    The WWG/RRC Speech Team attended its last regular season meet on Saturday (3/26).  The Thunder Hawk Invitational was held in Montevideo.  It was a smaller meet with only 10 schools participating. Nevertheless, there was some stiff competition, and our team did not disappoint.   Jaden Scholl collected her 1st place medal in Poetry while Elizabeth Wiggins received her 1st place in Drama.  Ryker Duroe took home 2nd place in Original Oratory.  Caitlin Mershon earned 3rd place in Storytelling, and Elena Yang gathered up the 4th place spot in the Informative category.  Fred Plaetz got 5th in Prose.  Tim Kleeberger (Humorous) and Bowen Hesse (Drama) collected the 6th place honors in their categories.  All in all, we had nine members competing and compiled eight medals between them.`

    The team will be very busy this week preparing for Subsections next Saturday in Minneota.  There will be some tight competitions.   Wish us luck!!


  • RTR Varsity Invitational    (3/19/22)

    RTR Varsity Invitational  Medal winners

    The WWG/RRC speech team attended the RTR Varsity Invitational.  Once again, we were blessed with an incredible day, and I am not just referring to the weather.   The atmosphere this weekend was awe-inspiring, from the beautiful new building to the electric tournament.  16 schools and 179 students and 2 levels of competition provided a tough challenge, but our team rose to the occasion.   At the varsity level, we had five competing.  Of those five, four made finals.  Elizabeth Wiggins received 1st in Drama; Jaden Scholl earned 1st in Poetry; and Caitlin Mershon took home 1st in Storytelling.  Elijah Merrick garnered 2nd in Discussion.  Tim Kleeberger just missed the finals with a 7th place finish.    The junior varsity kept the pace going.  Evelyn Rentschler scored 1st place ribbons in Original Oratory.  Bowen Hesse in Drama and Elena Yang in Informative both earned 2nd place ribbons.   While Fred Plaetz grabbed the 4th place ribbon in Prose.    WWG/RRC won the 5th place position out of the 16 teams competing.  We are so proud of you all.

  • SMSU Mustang Tournament  (3/12/22)

    SMSU Mustang Tournament (3/12/22)




    First Place Winners

    The WWG/RRC Speech team attended the SMSU Mustang Speech Tournament on Saturday.  We arrived at 8:30 in the morning.  Nine students participated in 3 rounds of competition and a final round.  Elizabeth Wiggins earned 1st in Drama, Ryker Duroe received 1st in Original Oratory,  and Jaden Scholl gathered her fourth 1st place finish in Poetry.  Elijah Merrick captured 2nd in Discussion.  Elana Yang earned her highest placing this season, 3rd in Informative.  Lexi Weber took the 4th spot in Exempt Reading, while Fred Plaetz garnered 4th in Prose.  Tim Kleeberger took home 5th place for his performance in Humorous, and Caitlin Mershon received 5th for hers in Storytelling.  If you were counting,  nine students competed, and all 9 placed. At the end of the day, the team came home with the 2nd place trophy in the Open bracket.  This team is crushing it this year.  

    Next week we travel to Tyler, MN to compete at the RTR Knights Invitational.  Wish us luck!!


    Minneota Vikings Invitational  (3/5/22)

    Viking Invitational winners

    Ribbon winners:  Evelyn, Tim, Caitlin, Fred

    Neither snow, sleet, hail, or rain will keep our team from their appointed tournament. Despite the weather, WWG/RRC Speech team braved the elements to compete at the Minneota Vikings’ Invitational last Saturday, March 5th.  We had several “firsts” yesterday during this week’s competition.  While Jaden did indeed earn 1st place in Poetry, Ryker earned his first 1st place in his speech career in Original Oratory.  Elizabeth received 2nd in drama and Elena took home 6th in Informative.  Caitlin, Tim, Fred, and Evelyn had all their "ducks" in a row earning ribbons in each of their categories. It was Fred and Evelyn's first ribbon in a varsity tournament.    Also kudos to our newcomer, Bowen for making it through his very first speech competition.    As a team, we landed in 5th place out of 14 schools.  Pretty amazing when we only had 10 students competing. Just to put it in perspective, that is half the number of the winning team’s roster.

    Stellar job team!!!  You all make us all so proud.



  • Redwood Valley Cardinal Invitational

    1st in small teams

    WWG/RRC Speech Team traveled to Redwood Falls to attend the Redwood Valley Cardinal Invitational on Saturday, February 26.   In the team sweeps, WWG/RRC took top honors, first place in small schools.  They tied for second overall, with 60 team points.  Eight team members competed with over 200 students from 21 different schools.  Seven members of our team medaled.  Eliz Wiggins and Jaden Scholl both earned the top spots in their respective categories, Drama and Poetry.  Lexie Weber took 2nd in Ext Reading.  Ryker Duroe took 3rd in Original Oratory and Tim Kleeberger finished 3rd in Humor.  Elijah Merrick was 4th in Discussion and Elena Yang rounded out the awards with a 5th place finish in Informative.  Even Fred Plaetz had his best showing in a varsity tournament. 

    This team continues to represent our schools with integrity.  We are so proud of them.  We will travel to Minneota next week.  


  • Marshall Tiger Invitational     (2/19/22) 

    Speech Placements           

          Congratulations to this incredible speech team!! What an incredible day we had last Saturday.  Sixteen teams competed in thirteen categories with over 180 students. WWG/RRC won second in team sweeps today at the Marshall Tiger Invitational.  The team did well individually too.   After three rounds of intense competition, students waited breathlessly to see if they made the final round.  Out of the eight students we brought, six moved on to finals.  The following are our  results.   Jaden Scholl 2nd in Poetry.  Elijah Merrick 1st in Discussion.  Eliz Wiggins 1st in Drama.    Lexi Weber 6th in Ext. Reading.  Elena Yang 5th in Informative.   Ryker Duroe 3rd in Original Oratory.  

    We are so proud of our entire team.   Way to go!!!  

    Next Saturday we travel to Redwood Falls for the Redwood Valley Cardinal Invitational. Looking forward to it!!

  • Luverne Cardinal Tournament.  (2/12/22)

    Luverne 2/12 winners

    Congratulations to the WWG/RRC Speech team.  The team participated in the Luverne Cardinal Invitational Saturday (2/12).  14 teams competed with over 160 students.  Our team of 7 students came home with some well deserved ribbons and medals.  Jaden Scholl took 1st place in Poetry.  While in the Drama category, Elizabeth Wiggins earned 2nd.  Lexie Weber took 3rd in Extemporaneous Reading.  Ryker Duroe and Caitlin Mershon both earned blue ribbons in their categories.   Tim Kleeberger and Fred place rounded out the team with some personal bests of their own.   What a fantastic way to start off our season, and we’ve only just begun.  

    Next week we travel to Marshall.  Good Luck to you all.



  • WWG/RRC Speech Showcase 

    WWG/RRC ended their year with a spectacular showcase, May 1st.  It was the perfect end to an amazing season.  Our performers were on top of their game as they each wowed the audience with their skills. They performed their respective pieces used throughout the season.  Memories were shared and fun was definitely had.  

    Awards were handed out at the end of the show.  Jaden Scholl and Elizabeth Wiggins took the top honors, both with over 1700 pts.  Jaden also earned the MVS Award (Most Valuable Speaker- voted by team members).  Ryker Duroe earned the Most Improved Award (voted on by coaches).  Elena Yang received the Rookie of the Year Award (voted on by team members) and the Rising Star Award (voted on by the coaches to a junior high student who shows promise).

    As a team, we started with 11 members.  We came in 5th place in team sweepstkes throughout most of our invitational schedule.  Two times we came in 2nd.  We even came in 3rd at Subsections and 4th at Sections.  The team went along with State competitors: Jaden, Elizabeth, and Lexi to cheer them on.  “You are only as good as the effort you put into it,” says the team motto.  They lived up to it in every way.

    We sadly say goodbye to our seniors:  Jaden Scholl, Elizabeth Wiggins, Lexie Weber, and Ryker Duroe.  We wish them well as they travel on to new adventures.  Their leadership will be missed.  

    They leave the team in good hands with Caitlin Mershon and Elijah Merrick, our seniors of 2023.  We look forward to 2023 and big things from our underclassmen: Tim Kleeberger, Phoenix Weckman-Nelson, Payeng Vue, Elena Yang, Fred Plaetz, Bowen Hesse, Evelyn Rentschler.

    The team thanks everyone for their encouragement and support throughout the season.