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Staff Development

Westbrook-Walnut Grove Schools has an active Staff Development program whose broad goal is to increase student learning by increasing the faculty's skills. The faculty is engaged in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) within the district and with teachers from other districts, and takes part in seminars, workshops, and independent activities that positively impact student learning.

For the benefit of the faculty and community, the Westbrook Walnut Grove Staff Development program makes public the scope of our activities through this website, through state reports, and through our PER reports. For specific information, please click the buttons on the right or contact Loy Woelber, the chairperson of the Westbrook Walnut Grove Staff Development Committee.

Staff Development Directory

Loy Woelber--Chair
  • Lairdie Kells--kells@wwgschools.org
  • Steve LeBoutillier--leboutillier@wwgschools.org
  • Courtney Locke--lockefac@wwgschools.org
  • Paul Olson--polson03@wwgschools.org
  • Monica Otto--otto@wwgschools.org
  • Kelly Quade--quade@wwgschools.org
  • Erin Richards--richardsefac@wwgschools.org
  • Leo Theisen--theisenfac@wwgschools.org
  • Loy Woelber--lwoelber@wwgschools.org
  • Sam Woitalewicz--woitalewiczfac@wwgschools.org
  • Staff Development Activities

    Date Title Name Approval
    03/29/2022 2022 Spring Activity Director's Conference Theisen Pending
    01/14/2022 Dyslexia Merrick Pending
    01/14/2022 Dyslexia Quade Pending
    01/03/2022 What's NEW in Young Adult Literature and How to Use it in Your Program Grades 6-12 Plaetz Pending
    12/12/2021 sdfsdf Locke Pending
    12/03/2021 What's New in Children's Books and Creative, Powerful Strategies to Use Them in Your Program, 2022 Plaetz Pending
    08/01/2021 Grading Smarter Not Harder Byers Pending
    06/01/2021 Transform Your Classroom book study: What School Could Be by Ted Dintersmith Byers Pending
    05/12/2021 CEU Benson Approved
    09/17/2020 IEP writing 101 workshop Henkels Pending
    09/09/2020 PLC weekly meetings Byers Pending
    07/07/2020 DISTANCE LEARNING: Strengthening Your Online Instruction and Student Success Using the Best Cutting-Edge Google and Technology Tools (Grade 6-12) Byers Pending
    06/22/2020 Assessment Training: Introduction to the COR advantage Kirsh Pending
    04/28/2020 What's NEW in Children's Literature and Strategies for Using it in Your Program (Grades k-6) Plaetz Pending
    04/28/2020 What's NEW in Children's Literature and Strategies for Using it in Your Program (Grades k-6) Plaetz Pending
    04/23/2020 Powerful Strategies to Boost the Success of Your Struggling Readers Schneider Pending
    03/31/2020 Tech Training Byers Pending
    03/30/2020 Transitioning Teaching and Learning Environment to an online format Kirsh Pending
    03/26/2020 MFBCA Football Coaches Clinic LeBoutillier Approved
    03/26/2020 MN Football coaches clinic Theisen Approved
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