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Useful Forms

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.Pdf Name Description Document Date
2018.19 Athletic Physical .pdf Participation in athletic activities required a physical exam every 3 years. Take this form to your appointment. 08/07/2018
Behind the Wheel Instruction.pdf Instructions for starting behind the wheel training. 08/10/2017
Claim Verification.pdf A form for verifying claims. 08/10/2017
Dance Guest Form.pdf This is the form you need if you want to bring a guest to a school dance who is not a student at WWG. 09/27/2011
Graduation Requirements.pdf Use this information to help you meet your goal to graduate on time. 08/29/2017
Insurance Waiver.pdf A form for waiving insurance. 08/10/2017
Internet/Network Acceptable Use Policy.pdf Every student and their parent MUST sign this form in order for to have access to our network and the intenet. Sign and return it to the school your student attends. 08/28/2017
Medication Authorization Form.pdf Use this form if you student will need to take medications at school. 08/24/2017
MSHSL Eligibility Brochure.pdf This form must be signed and returned to the school in order to be eligible to participate in MSHSL sponsored activities. 08/09/2017
Order Requisition.pdf The green sheet for ordering. 08/10/2017
Statewide Enrollment Options.pdf This is the form you will need to submit to district in which you wish to enroll your child if that district is not your resident district. 08/09/2017
Statewide Testing Refusal.pdf This information will help parents/guardians make informed decisions that benefit their children, schools, and communities. 08/07/2018
Wellness Center Forms.pdf If you'd like to join the Area Wellness Center, please fill out these forms and bring to the WWG elementary or high school offices. 08/30/2017
WWG Graduation Requirements 2015 2016.pdf WWG Graduation Requirements 2015 2016 05/13/2015